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TmFO includes so far 29 experimental sites set up by various institutes and research centers around the Tropics. TmFO spreads over three main tropical forest regions: the Amazon basin, the Congo Basin, and South East Asia. TmFO encompasses:

  • 12 countries
  • 50+ researchers
  • 32 experimental sites
  • 657 permanent sample plots (in 2021, and more to come)
  • 1276 ha of forest monitored over 5 to 29 years

TmFO focuses on tropical logged forests and we expect new plots to have a least the below-mentioned features:

  • pre-logging inventories
  • standardized tree measurements
  • at least one post-logging inventory
  • a minimal size of 0.25 ha

TmFO is an expanding network and new partners willing to join the network are encouraged to do so!

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