Data policy

Data  management & policy

TmFO is in dept with manifold scientists, students, field assistants and techniciens who actively contributed to set up, collect data and maintain the different study sites. Our greatest gratitude goes to them for enabling TmFO to exist and develop in the future.

Additionnally, TmFO's priority is to sustain research and capacity building in tropical Nations. To do so, Intellectual Property (IP) is seen as a cornerstone and TmFO strictly preserve IP of all partners institutions. A given data resides exclusively with the site leader(s) responsible for coordinating the collection or analysis of this data.

Raw data (= forest inventories) aren't shared among TmFO members. Each site leader(s) provides basic summary statistics (= summary data) produced according to a commonly defined protocol (see Data flow chart). Those data remain the intellectual property (IP) of the site leaders and their respective institution. IP is regulated according to IP policies of the institution who owned the data.



Participatory decision making

TmFO aims to favour discussion among forest scientists working on sustainable forest management. To do so, research questions, protocols, analysis and prospectives are discussed and approved commonly along regional workshops. Once, a protocole has been agreed upon, each site leader is in charge of analysing the raw data (with TmFO's support if needed) and prepare the relevant summary data. Hence, site leader(s) agree to share the summary data of their site and all relevant information with all other TmFO members of the same region. TmFO members conserve the right of authorship on any publication (i.e. peer-reviewed journals) or presentation (i.e. conferences) without prior notice.

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