El Niño event 2015

A very strong El Niño event is currently striking  the tropics . This event is  a unique opportunity to test the resilience of managed forests  to water stress. As droughts are becoming increasingly frequent with ongoing  climatic changes .

To get an optimal coverage of this phenomena, a concerted action among TmFO 's partners is required.  Below you'll find some guidelines to efficiently address this issue.

1.  Monitoring plots  before (up to 2 years) and after (up to 2 years) El niño


2. Maximizing the disturbance gradient: it’s better to have several small plots with  different logging and drought intensities

3. Prioritizing plots with no doubt on spatial tree arrangement

4. Prioritizing plots where maps of logging gaps were drawn, or with detailed information on harvested trees

5. Maximizing  WD, growth and turn-over rates gradients

This willl be a long-lasting effort. In order to keep track of potential partners for this study, people interested to contribute are kindly invited to fill this  form below.

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