Computing tree carbon stock recovery in Amazon managed forests

Supplemental information of our paper entitled "Rapid tree carbon recovery in Amazon managed forests"  is available here:

Table S1: Information on ACS Stocks Over Time and Recovery Rates for Each of the 90 Plots Included in This Study

Supplemental online information and R code

Post-logging biomass recovery: preparation of meta-data.

This protocol provides a step-by-setp description to import raw forest inventory data into Excel spreadsheat. This procedure allows to:

identified errors of botanical identification (i.e. misspelt or outdated names)

allocate wood densities at the lowest taxonomic level using the Dryad Wood Density data base (Zanne et al. 2009)

compute tree biomass using a generic allometric equation developped for moist tropical forests (Chave et al. 2005)

Associated import spreadsheats are available upon request.

Assessing terrestrial carbon pools in logged forests

This protocol is currentyl used to monitor the main carbon pools (i.e. above and below ground biomass, coarse wood debris, litter and soil organic matter) in different managed forests. This protocol compiles information arising from various protocols and studies, and should be read as a case-specific, non-exhaustive and best compromised summary of available litterature.

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